Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Home with a head cold

Ended up having

super bad insomnia

and came down with a head cold.

The change of weather can do this as well.

So lots of resting today.


I hope to go to work tomorrow as I don't have

a lot of sick days being less than 2 weeks into my new job.


I have a bit of contract work to do also,

which I am really happy about as I love the work

and it will go towards a plane ticket home

later this year.


I will of course try to maintain a life/work balance.


I know I am in a bit of transition and so my blog

posts are bound to be at times

not as many

and at times a bit

up-and-down in emotion and feel.

Just have to ride the job newness and changes out...


Lots to pray for:

amidst many others...


May I take this moment to reaffirm that I appreciate each

and everyone of my blog readers;

my dear blog friends,

you've been upholding and blessing me for years.

Thank you.


DebD said...

oh dear...sick with a new job... that is not a fun combination. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

E Helena E said...

Not always commenting either, but you are often in my thoughts, and praying!

Victoria said...

ugh! head colds are the WORST!

is it really raining there?

margaret said...

Yes, a change in the season can affect health, I hope it gets better soon.

Maureen said...

I am glad you are settling into the job! Hope and pray you are feeling better soon. Hug that kitty!

Kh. Patty said...

Sorry you are sick, but glad to hear more about your new job! :) Feel better soon!

Martha said...

I'm glad to hear you're feeling better...thanks for adding my dad to the list! You're such a dear.