Friday, September 23, 2011

A Mulit-tasked Life

So today started out beautifully;

sunny day;

was feeling great!

was going to go to the library before work

as both the library and work are in walking distance

for me.

I have a blackberry for work and was reading an email

from my boss while walking.

And I failed to see the curb and fell,

bloodying one palm a bit, skinning both knees

and making a hole in one of my pant legs.

My blackberry went flying out on the sidewalk in front of me;

I remained calm, picked myself and the

phone up and kept walking,

bleeding hand held by other hand

to the library.

Got disoriented, went one street to far,

turned around,

ended up talking to some young 20 year olds in trouble,

needing food, Lord have mercy on them,

and then went to the library.

To find out that the library did not open till ten.


Walked to work, hand holding hand.

I work on the 14th floor.

The elevators are being redone and none of them were working.


Holding blackberry in injured hand,

I managed to look up MPOW phone number,

call them,

explain and then go home

bandaid hand, knee, change clothes,

eat some food

and go back to work.


Elevator working.

Kind colleagues.


now entails going back to library

(books due and more to pick up)

dropping pants at tailor to be fixed

(they were good pants!)

buying a sandwich

dropping off heavy book bag at home

back to work,

eating sandwich as I work at my desk.

And that's how my 4th Friday and end of my

first month on the job



I believe thanksgiving to God and my Guardian Angel are in order...


E Helena E said...

I am glad you are okay! Yes, I thank the Lord for your guardian angel. Love and hugs.

RW said...

oh elizabeth.
yup. don't read and walk at the same time.
we have all done it.
takes but one tumble and we mend our ways.

be well

margaret said...

Ouch! Glad you're okay and congrats on the first month :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I'm glad you escaped serious injury, Elizabeth. Well done on completing your first month in the new job !

GretchenJoanna said...

What a day! God is surely blessing you in everything.

Sarah in Indiana said...

I believe that falls under all is well that ends well. Sounds like a bumpy day. Hope your hand is feeling better and glad nothing worse occurred.