Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday - Sun in late September

Cleo is still struggling a bit.

My schedule is so different now that I am working

and I think it is hard for her to adjust.

Am trying to help her with this and

am open to any Cat suggestions :)

I have not visited my favourite tree lately.

I am feeling the need to do so;

now that I am working I suddenly need to pencil everything in;

but thank God for the change...

That said, I could use a bit of time

just sitting on a bench

by the canal...


TeresaAngelina said...

not including the time it take to prepare for the following day, I believe I've worked out that I have a total of 2.5 to 3 hours an evening of personal time. and with this tight schedule I build life. And it is possible. Just tight. Call me a sardine.

chicory cottage said...

a cat suggestion: i sometimes leave public radio playing classical music on during the day for my cats. you could also do this with a CD set to play in a loop. also, and i know this might sound a bit much to some folks, but if i'm away for a few days i'll also call my answering machine and talk to the cats. ok, i guess i've officially lost it, yes?