Sunday, September 04, 2011

The First Week and two busy weekends

So I survived my first 5 days of work.

It began well.

I found by the end of the first week that

it was a bit of an adjustment

to work in a place

where my title is not officially


though I am still using a lot of my librarian skills.

I found this hard actually.

But it is not an impossible situation;

just an adjustment.

And I am so glad to have a job.

So I am glad but keeping it real I guess.

Yesterday was the church picnic

and it was beautiful.

Last Saturday I was at the Greek monastery

and this was a blessing.

I got some new books and Icons...

will try to remember to talk about them sometime soon.

I bought roses for last Sunday's

feast of the Dormition;

kept them in my fridge for freshness;

had not done this before;

not sure if it helped or not.


On a bummer of a note,

it looks like I have that face rash for the 4th time now.

So off I will go again to deal with this.


On a serious note:

I have a friend who is really struggling right now;

if you can pray for her I would greatly

appreciate it.

Due to common sense I can't go into details,

but I love this friend like a sister

and it is heartbreaking to hear of her struggles.


On a chipper note:

Canada and the States both have Labour day tomorrow.

This means a day for me to cook and clean.

I am more than ready for a day to just be home.

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