Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Evening Accomplishments

I now have a dry erase 2 month calendar and

white board in my hallway.

Great for visually seeing what I need to do.

I finally charged up my drill

and put the dry erase board up.

It is not as ascetically ideal

but is very helpful.

I got some new Pyrex dishes for work.

I managed to prepare food in them for tomorrow

and get almost all my dishes done.

This my friends is a real accomplishment.

As usually, Cleo was waiting for the food to

come out of the oven,

mistaken yet again in thinking she will eat some.

She's rather cute however,

and I plan on keeping her,

regardless of her actions...


This is going to be another busy week;

feast of the Cross Tuesday;

social evening on Wednesday

and an all day staff retreat Thursday.


God is good;

I am still praying for many in great need;

may God's tender mercy be felt by all.


DebD said...

Cleo is rather cute, 'tis true. Have a good week at work and at home.

margaret said...

Cleo is indeed cute and makes most excellent photos.

The whiteboard idea is good one, I might steal it.

Matushka Anna said...

I like the calendar and white board! I'm a write-it-down person myself.

Cleo is just darling.

Mimi said...

I like that Cleo looks like she's looking at the calendar and thinking, "Monday - sleep, eat, sleep. Tuesday - repeat. Wednesday - repeat..."