Thursday, April 15, 2021

Thursday (shockingly I took not one picture)

 Hello dear ones!
Well, not one picture today.
The house is a bit of a wreck.
Tomorrow DV I will clean house!
I finished re-reading the Musgraves today by DE Stevenson
A lovely novel, really a delight.
I also worked on my writing.
I was nearly going sideways with exhaustion
 after waking up nearer to 4 AM than 7 AM!
I managed however do do some writing
and reading.
My mind was whirling with ideas tonight...
It looks like blogger is going to lose it's email subscriptions.
So I need to figure this out.
Will get back to you on this!
Ok. I promised myself I would get to sleep on time's nearly midnight so!
Off I go.
I do hope you are well,
all of you, each of you.
God bless you, keep you, comfort, guide
and save you!
Lord have mercy on us!


Granny Marigold said...

Now Friday has come and gone and I'm finally getting around to visiting blogs. I hope you had a good day and accomplished what you wanted to do. It's a very busy time. Take care, GM

Lisa said...

Today I just finished the first D.E. Stevenson book I ever read: Celia's House. It was a lovely story; I thought of you because you like her so much. I had to withdraw it from the library collection and decided to read it.