Saturday, April 17, 2021

Friday & Saturday: Rabbit Holes + Church


This beautiful icon of the Mother of God stays in the Altar other than on the day of the Akathist of the Mother of God 💙🕯🙏💙 It is a copy of the Kazan icon and was at our local church when our local priest and his wife arrived to serve over 2 decades ago 💙
Yesterday at breakfast we ended up discussing 
philosophy and then my Husband mentioned Whitehead
and then Russell and then Russell's paradox and then Godel
and the next thing I knew I wanted to understand what Godel did 
(a math person who changed the way math is seen)
and then I had a bunch of research and articles to read
and now my writing has a different turn that
goes with another math/computer science topic I liked
and it's all on the conceptual/high level and has me thinking questions about
existence and what can change and what cannot change in a living being's essence.
Like an apple seed can become an apple or even an apple tree but
an apple seed cannot become an orange or an orange tree. Or can it?
And if it can, should it be?
There's a lot of ethics and not all of it is being sorted out from what I gather.
Anyway, it's fun, though perhaps not fully.
I hope it will help me think, also, about some other things that are on the more
philosophical level / nature about some books I am reading.
I need to rest now.
I pray that God is near to you.
May Christ save us and have mercy!

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