Friday, July 24, 2015

Painting pictures for processing one's life ... and things that contribute to the rebuilding of it

I am realizing more and more
what a transition this has all been...
3 years marriage this September.
1 year in our new home.
Someone I admire said one 
cannot gather all of what one had but one
can in time regather one's self
and build a new life.
I remember blogging before I was married, 
and a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of
re-finding everything I would need in my new life,
wondering where I would even get
my groceries.
For the first two or more years,
I was continually looking for a decent tart plain yogurt.
I missed my Hewitt's yogurt something fierce.
I tried all sorts of Greek and organic yogurts,
all tasting too bland/sweet to me,
even though they were plain.
But now I have found the prefect yogurt.
May they live long and prosper.
I love their plain yogurt.
And I also found the perfect English Muffin.
Multi-grain or whole wheat.
I also found a very good organic brown egg
with rich golden yokes.
It takes a long time,
it seems to carve out a new life.
I know I have the best of foundations for this life,
a marriage that Mr. Husband and I are building together,
a beautiful home,
well matched with our families.
The other things I find take a lot longer,
finding places of beauty,
building community,
learning a new place.
I know I am making progress;
I like NYC now;
I know of more stores I love;
I am slowly building friendships.
But there's lots of bumps in the road,
it seems, lots of beginnings and then
having to go in reverse and begin again.
Well, that's how it is.


E Helena E said...

I do like this: "
cannot gather all of what one had but one
can in time regather one's self
and build a new life."
I understand some of these transitions and progressions. We cannot be too hard on ourselves about the time that is required.

Heather said...

Change in such an all-consuming way is so very hard, no other way around it. I can imagine it is just plain old exhausting--- changing practically every detail of the routine of 'life.' I'm happy to hear you're finding new things to love and enjoy, and hitting your stride with your new life. Many times I day dream about packing us all up and heading to New England. The huge challenge of all that keeps us in place. So I admire your bravery!

elizabeth said...

Heather, Really I think what you have where you are is more than what you would have in New England!!! Really. You have community, a beautiful old house, a family, art... staying rooted and with your community is HUGE and while New England is beautiful, it's costly and well, not worth it I think... I worked in New England at a camp years ago; it's beautiful but well.... what you have is really important...

... I moved because I found the man I wanted to marry and the best thing for our marriage is for me to move to where he was (one of us had to!) and I don't regret it! :)

karen said...

change is hard and change is challenging. I remember when I moved here and how it took so long to make friends. I remember crying at the town red lights because they took too long...weird. However one day it happens and it becomes "home". Loved that you shared your journey!