Wednesday, July 15, 2015

20 squares, 6 wash clothes and Little Town on the Prarie

My new multi-coloured blanket is now up to 20 squares.

I am busily restocking my supply of 
washing clothes -
the white for bathing, 
the coloured ones for dish washing. 
It is part of my Christmas-making in July :).
I thoroughly enjoyed
How much Christian civilisation shows up
and how much history and decency!
And such a great story... I love how it builds...
I do wish these books to long maintain
on everyone's reading lists. 
I am hoping to work on my goddaughter's quilt again soon;
I also got some new fabrics to quilt with for later!
A third quilt I am thinking of,
as well as contemplating some smaller items. 
What are you reading and creating?
Do yarn along with us!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Which washcloth pattern are you using, Elizabeth?

elizabeth said...

Hi Elizabeth, I am doing the simple one - start with three stitches, increase until you like the middle length and then decrease by one until you are done! Similar to these that I did before: except that I am not at all counting the stitches! :) The yarn I use is the same, sugar and cream and perfect, very absorbent!

Paula said...

Looking good! I need to make some face/dish cloths too. Either that or have another wedding reception and get new linens :)

Lisa said...

knitted washcloths are my favorite! The ones currently in my drawer are looking rather old and worn, so I guess I should knit up some new ones sometime soon! So glad you are enjoying the Little House books! :)

October Rose said...

I keep meaning to knit some washcloths! You have gotten quite a bit done. :)

Becki said...

As much as like to crochet wash/dishcloths, I do love the softness of a knitted one.

karen said...

love your washcloths and the blanket in progress! You can't go wrong with Little house!!

Nicole said...

I like the bright washcloths! They look great. And those Little House books are absolute treasures. I am so glad you enjoy them!! Though, really, who couldn't? :)