Wednesday, July 08, 2015

14 squares + By the Shores of Silver Lake

14 Squares done for the blanket now!
Three finished wash clothes,
one on the needles.
Still enjoying
I am slowly stocking up things, 
homemade, etc.,
for this years' Christmas.
I know that 
to be on top of things in terms of 
crafting for Christmas,
there is no time like the present!
What are you reading and creating?
Yarn Along with us!


karen said...

I will start thinking of Christmas projects after the wedding :) Love your squares and thank you for reminding me of gift presents!!

October Rose said...

Wow, you are on a roll! :)

Lisa said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one thinking of Christmas! I bought a wonderful book recommended by another Yarn Along contributor called "Let Us Keep the Feast" that is a guide of sorts about keeping the church calendar which puts me in mind of Advent! You are making terrific progress in the Little House series! So many trials for one family to go through; I'm thankful Laura was such a prolific writer and that her stories are all recorded for us!
xo Lisa

Heather said...

I agree, already thinking Christmas. It seems like a year round thing here, especially if I want anything handmade done by then :-) My hubby just finished up reading By the Shores of Silver Lake to the kiddos, they really enjoyed it.

Nancy said...

Knitted wash cloths are great sticking stuffers. Would you believe I saw Xmas trees in a local garden centre last week?! Still in boxes, no display. Hoping they're just leftovers fr last year, there is such a thing as over-anticipating Christmas.