Wednesday, July 22, 2015

6 books + white wash clothes

I have been on an Elizabeth Goudge reading kick.
The list above, the ones with "*" I have completed.
I've needed it; first Laura Ingalls Wilder and esp. Elizabeth Goudge.
I fell into a state of unexpected
fatigue lately and needing the buoying. 
I have only begun H. Lee's book,
verdict TBD.
It's a bit jarring to read after dwelling in Goudge's
English Countrysides. 
I am realizing that in the heat of this late July
that this is my time to rest.
I am taking some new vitamins and trying to 
restore myself to a greater sense of health,
as I accidently depleted myself of energy.
I am on the mend and Elizabeth Goudge is 
a great tonic.
I've been working away on the white
wash clothes that will go with
a nice set of soap as a gift.
What are you reading and creating?
Do yarn along with us! 


Lisa said...

I've recently started a new supplement regiment, too. Here's to health! I have yet to start my copy of Go Set a Watchman as I'm trying to finish my Jan Karon book first (it's a lengthy one). My kitchen washcloths are in desperate need of being replaced, and I'm thinking I should throw some cotton into my knitting bag for this purpose. Thanks for the inspiration, my friend. :)
xo Lisa

nocton4 said...

Lots of wash cloth knitting going on here too
Have you read, Little White Horse ? Great read by Elizabeth G

October Rose said...

Seeing you read Goudge is making me feel that I ought to as well, sometime soon. (Ah, but I have so many books I feel that way about!! So hard to make decisions!) I have only read The Scent of Water but I loved it. My mom loves her quite a bit, I believe her favorite book is The Rosemary Tree.

karen said...

I hope you get your energy back, I'm waiting until after the weekend (wedding!) to get into another book, I'm skeptical about the new Watchman....just doesn't seem like her to publish willingly after being a recluse all her life.

Paula said...

Never read any of hers, maybe I should see if the library has any. Take it easy!

elizabeth said...

Paula ~ I would think you would LOVE Elizabeth Goudge!!!

Donna said...

The heat has been getting to me too. I am just exhausted when I sit down at the end of the day!

E Helena E said...

Glad to hear you are on the mend! Love and hugs.

Martha said...

Let us know how you like Harper Lee's book...I ♥ "To Kill a Mockingbird" but am reluctant to try this one, as I know she wrote it first and didn't intend to publish it.

T.J. said...

sitting with books is always rejuvenating for the soul- good decision! :) I've been finding I tire easily in summer too. For me it's the crazy flurry of a day with lots of produce to process and put up, or lots of summer activities to do with the boys. The following day after events like that find me exhausted and not good for much of anything. Balance is a tough thing for me to locate in the summer months.

Praying peace and calm your way!