Friday, July 17, 2015

Always Remembering

On the Feast of St. Peter and Paul
we had a short moleben for the departed,
my Husband's godson who departed on
Holy Friday and for a woman who departed
some years prior.
May their memory be eternal!
May God remember them in His Kingdom! 


E Helena E said...

Eternal Memory! Love and prayers.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Memory Eternal!

Martha said...

Your husband's Godson? Was he young?? ♥ Eternal memory!

Happy feast of St. Elizabeth the new martyr today! I know your patron saint is the mother of St. John the Baptist, but I believe one of the churches you go to celebrates today, right?

Nancy said...

Memory Eternal!

Lisa said...

Is that sand? I looks nice.

elizabeth said...

Martha - thank you. he died on Great and Holy Friday. He was under 50 so yes, young. and yes to both questions, of my patron and of my church's feast day!

Lisa, yes it is sand. :)