Monday, May 28, 2012

Wonderful Weekend...

Back from the monastery.
It was wonderful.
Always feels a bit disorienting to come back.
(ps: photos below are from my parent's house
i.e. not the monastery).

The quiet at the monastery is very refreshing.
I was there over St. John the Russian's day -
just found this Akathist to him.
So peaceful to get away
and be in such a beautiful place of prayer.
got advice and felt hopeful,
and that it was a joyful time.

This picture is from the coffee shop I
met the photographer in
on Friday.

A nice place,
very retro, urban, hip - familiar to me
to coffee shops in Ottawa.

I was really encouraged
at the monastery
about the
wedding planning.
Just keep it simple
focus on what is actually going on
the Orthodox wedding service
don't worry about what culture wants to
dictate that the wedding be
and be present to the prayers.
I felt so encouraged.
I know this is what I want.
A wedding that is prayerful
with God's blessing.
On a smaller note,
I got a lovely small red-jeweled Cross necklace there
that I hope to wear with my dress;
I also got some nice presents
for others. :)
I know I am in for a big transition
but the time at the monastery
helped me remember
the purpose of marrying my Orthoman
and the hope in Christ
and in the prayers of holy people and holy monastics
to surround us.
I really love visiting the cemetery there and
knowing that one day I hope
that the cemetery stone will speak of
my future husband's name and my name
and that God will have mercy on us
whose life will pass so quickly...

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Cristina said...

I'm so happy about your wonderful weekend! May the Mother of God guide in all you are doing!