Tuesday, May 15, 2012

season to season

My time this visit is coming to an end.
Still trying to do more wedding things.
I wish caters would return emails.
I fly back tomorrow.
It will be good to see my Cleo Cat again
my friends, my familiar city
and soon leave again
for my family and monastery.
I am really looking forward to being home.
It takes a lot of work to build a new life
with my beloved Orthoman.
I know we are going to have a nice
first home together.
Orthoman is working so hard for us.
Our IKEA delivery came yesterday.
That couch we got is heavy
and the delivery men had to work really hard
to get it up the stairs
while we watched on.
It was horrible actually to see
as the company had not told them
the details and really they should of had
more help all I could do was stand and pray
and be very thankful.
So we have a beautiful couch and those two men
have to wake again this morning to
do more deliverys.
God help and remember them.
They were very well mannered and very professional.
Today I went to a store to begin a registry.
The store was huge - overwhelming really.
This is all very tiring.

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Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

My prayers continue for you both every day, dear friend !