Thursday, May 31, 2012

Places and being where one is put

My Grandma and I talked about
how she feels strongly to this day that
she and my Grandpa were put together
by God in marriage.
My Mom and I talked about how God
puts us where He wants
and gives us the work we need to do
and it does not depend on what we may or may not have
(intelligence, education, etc)
but that God does and moves as He wills.
I am on my way back to Ottawa.
It is always hard to say goodbye to my family.
Transitions are hard
I look forward to when my life begins to take shape
again and I am with the Orthoman that
God has given me.


Marfa said...

Yes, it's wonderful to have talks like that with those you love, your grandmother sounds very wise. ♥ Is that a photo of a white lilac? And the photo in your previous post with the lace on the table is also lovely!

E Helena E said...

Wise words from your mother! How wonderful that you had this time with your family.

elizabeth said...

I am blessed with very good women in my life! Marfa - I am not sure about the flower... will have to ask! :) The photo with the lace is at my Grandma's place :) I love my family's taste in things! :)