Sunday, May 20, 2012

Last Sunday of the Bright Season

I made it to cemetery day.

Holy Water. 

Old offering table.

Banners of years past.

Older icon of Christ.

The small table
where I would pray.
This was the first year that I did not pray and ask
to be able to return.

Being at Christ's feet is all that is needed.

I went to our beloved parishioner’s grave
where I go every year since she died
in 2006
and picnicked there with her family and friends.
It was very hot
and we all had lots of water.

The littlest breads on the paper plate is my
small offering;
I had these frozen from the Greek monastery
that Orthoman and I went to on
Bright Monday
and got them out last night.
It was the least I could do and I am so glad to have done it.
It was hard to say goodbye to the grave
of the beloved woman
 who died in 2006,
she had such faith and I believe
very strongly that she is praying for all of us
in our small church now.
as I told my Grandma on the phone last night,
we are all to prepare ourselves for heaven
and try to repent and seek God
as best we can.
It is a lot of falling and getting up again.
I took decongestants today to make it
through the day.
It is very hot in my apartment and
I don't have anyone to put my A/C in yet
and so I feel the heat
and am praying that the cold that keeps hovering and
that I feel in my sinuses
will decide to leave instead of coming to stay a while.
I fly Tuesday and find
it painful to fly when I have a cold.
Asking your prayers.
Thanking God that I was able to go today
and for all the goodness He is putting in my life.

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Matushka Anna said...

I hope that cold goes away and STAYS away!

Lovely pictures. I know it's hard to leave - one day we'll have to leave Innocent's and Andrew's graves - but remember what Elder Porphirios said about distances:

love to you!