Friday, May 18, 2012

Ottawa and leaving

Today I was walking down
a street I am on almost daily
when in Ottawa
and I forgot where I was going.
Getting to know a new place
I guess at times means
somehow losing
part of the familiarity of the old.

I mainly stick to Orthodox everything
but I admit to liking this statue of
St. Teresa the little flower;
in my old beautiful apartment
with green walls
I saw the cross of this church daily
from my window
and I walk by it often.

I don't know how my icons will
be set up in the new place.
Orthoman has icons too
and we will have
some new icons together
for our home.

My hairdresser moved
to a new place of work and I was
lucky to find her
(since she is also doing my hair for my wedding
not having her right now would be
really stressful;
I've gone to her when ever I could
for almost 7 years now)
and today I got my hair cut by her again.
I saw a good friend for dinner.
Friends are such blessings.
I had horrible insomnia last night.
I hope tonight will be better.
It was indeed a better day.
Cleo is sitting right by me and I had blessings
of various phone calls today
which was wonderful.
My Grandma is still trying to heal from her fall
this past January;
she is walking with a cane now but
it is slow and her brother-in-law and sister
are both seriously ill.
It is hard to grow old.
I am humbled by how many people pray for me.
God is incredibly patient and merciful towards me;
I need to work on my thanksgiving
to Him for all of the blessings.
My throat is sore
and I hope I do not get sick this coming week;
traveling is wearying
but God is eternal and is our Refuge.


Matushka Anna said...

Even happy and wonderful things can be stressful. Take time to be quiet. God will lead you through all of this. ((hugs))

Peacocks and Sunflowers said...

Forgetting where you're going is a sign of having lots on your mind ;) So glad they are such good things these days. How lovely to have a new arrangement of icons to plan in your home together. The prayers of the saints are always with us, and God's love does not change, but grows with us as we grow in it. Hugs to you.