Friday, May 25, 2012

Many things on a Friday in May

I am hoping it is more red than
this picture
but well,
I refuse to ruin my feet for the
wedding so you are looking at the shoes
I ordered today.
(I tried a pair on first, FYI).
I am a Birkenstock only gal
shoes, clogs and sandals.
(If only they made winter boots).
My first pair of shoes I got in 1994 and
still wear them today.
I get them re-heeled or re-soled as needed.
The above sandal felt so good on my
feet; dreamy, really.
My Grandma's thoughts on it
well, not like they would be seen under the dress anyway,
I've heard some girls have worn tennis shoes. :)
My cold is hanging on;
I've gone through a klenexx box
or so...
It's great to be home.
I had a great day with my Dad
and then with my parents and other
family for dinner at a local
resturant nearby.
My registry is finished now I think.
I refused to be fully traditional and
put down some of the Orthodox books
that are on my wishlist :)
Tomorrow I go God willing to the monastery.
I am hoping it will help me prepare
for this huge life-change that I am nearing.
My Dad said it reminded him of a Dutch phase
I never would of believed it.
It is hard to believe that after all this time
I too DV am getting married.


peacework designs said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! This is a hilarious post. I was JUST talking about Birkenstocks about an hour ago with my husband. I wore Birkenstocks from 1987-1992 straight. NOTHING else. That was from 8th grade-first year of college for me. I have been wishing for another pair lately. All I wear now is flip-flops, but I need some Birks.

Marfa said...

You're wonderful...completely practical and I ♥ it. I got some Piper sandals (made in Texas) recently and I love them...I'm wearing them ALL the time!!!