Saturday, March 19, 2011

When those we love are in grief

(Picture from recent panakhyda)
Second week of lent has seen much sorrow.
Grief on behalf of someone I love greatly
who lost his spiritual father.
One of my dearest friends and sisters in Ottawa -
it was just confirmed that her father has
wide spread cancer
and the prospects of recovery are very dim.
On Wednesday she found out about
the possibility;
Thursday we prayed together for;
Friday the news of cancer was finalized.
Whenever these times of sorrow come
and they come to us all
it makes me want to run to everyone
and proclaim
love your family! talk to them, call them, forgive them
love them
for someday the sorrow will come
and the time of reconciliation and love
on this side
will come to an end.
Thank God for the Orthodox Church.
Thank God that we grieve but not without hope.
Thank God we can pray for the departed.
Thank God that in the Holy Spirit we can ask God
to tell them of our love for them;
Thank God that the liturgy here on earth joins heaven
and that in the church we are never apart...
Lord help us in our times of sorrow,
so that we are not utterly crushed to the ground.
Two Akathists for sorrow:
I was given one that is for sorrow and depression;
I don't have a link for it but email me
if you need it
( roosjeblog @ yahoo . ca )
We must continually look the the Lord Christ and
His Holy Mother;
we are never without help.


Sarah Euphemia said...

Thinking and praying for your friend and her family. Cancer is a terrible thing.

Michelle M. said...

Lord, have mercy. Thanks for sharing those links.

elizabeth said...

Thanks for your prayers Sarah; I know that you know first hand how terrible cancer is...

Michelle - your welcome...

Athanasia said...

I am sorry to read of this sadness and sorrow in your life and that of your friends. May the Mother of God comfort you and all you love.