Monday, March 14, 2011

Continuing in Lent

Week two of lent.
We must fight to keep the fast.
I recently got a chance to hear my spiritual father
talking about books that are good for the
spiritual life.

One of these authors is

Elder Aimilianos

Everything must be understood in the light

of God's kingdom and the Church.

Including marriage (not that I have anyone that I am

marrying at this point).

This article by Elder Aimilianos on marriage is from

his book, The Church at Prayer

and I highly recommend reading this

short article.

It not only touches on how to decided on who to marry

but what marriage should be

and a bit on raising children.


I am slowly realizing what a significant responsiblity

it is to raise a child

and to raise them to love God and to deny themselves.

Only with God's help can this be done.

Winter is slowly leaving us;

we must run to Christ as spring will come

upon us.

Lent is a beautiful gift to us.
Let us learn to have joy in our fast...


Sarah Euphemia said...

You are always an encouragement to me and I enjoy reading the articles/links that you share. It always seems to be what I need. Thank you for allowing God to work through you. Hope your Lent has been blessed thus far!

Kiernan said...

I'm glad to hear that your Lent has been blessed. Thanks for the links. I'm continually amazed at the dedication of my parents. :-)

elizabeth said...

Sarah, I am glad that this was helpful to you; I am merely passing on what I was given!

Kiernan - I know the feeling ... I love and respect my parents more and more ... we are very very blessed...

Michelle M. said...

Thanks for sharing these links. Blessed Lent to you :)

margaret said...

I like the Coptic ikon. It's the very same one my friend bought at church on Sunday.