Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Tuesday - Day Two of Lent

(Icon of the Extreme Humility)


Impressed upon me through my reading,

listening to sermons in church

and conversations

is the necessity

of seeking humility.

Again and again my spiritual father is counseling us

to seek humility, repentance...


Am reading Fr. Thomas Hopko's Lenten Spring for the first time.

His call for joy reminds me of Fr. Alexander Schmemann's

words in his book Great Lent which

call for us to live in the reality and power of Christ's resurrection.


I remember realizing that the life that Fr. Schmemann described

was not one I was really living.


The life we are supposed to be living is so vividly alive

that Lent is given to us as a gift

so that we can begin to see how we live in ashes

and seek the living water of Christ

and for oil to keep our flickering lights lit.


Please God, may this be.


Sarah in Indiana said...

I'm reading Great Lent right now, and I'm struck by this, too. Lent is such a blessing, because it is hugely renewing for me each year. I fail so badly at living a Christian life, but in Lent I feel like I get a taste of what I could be. Hopefully it helps me to do a little better.

Michelle M. said...

Beautiful. I feel like, in the past, Lent has passed us by, but this year I hope to stay focused and guide my children through the fast and into Pascha.

Mimi said...

I've really been struck this year by the thought that I need to avoid drawing inward and focus on those around me.

A blessed Lent

h west said...

I read 'Great Lent' and 'The Lenten Spring' every year and I find something new every time. GREAT books. We are all so blessed to have these great tools.

chicory cottage said...

i really enjoy "lenten spring"; definitely good food for spiritual thought.