Monday, March 21, 2011

Lent Week Three - Snow in Spring

First two weeks of lent - survived.
It is hard I find to keep my focus;
I have been reading some worthy lenten books
Return by Arch. Nektarios Antonopolous;
both are really great
and not hard to read or terribly long;
of course learning to apply what one reads,
at least for me that takes a longer time.
On a fun note,
I think Cleo looks pretty funny/cute when she is sleeping on
the chair - all that fuzz!

Welcome to Spring In Ottawa:

wet snow everywhere...

and to think yesterday I carried my boots

home from church

as things were finally dry and warmer!

Ottawa does this to us often

so I do not let it bother me overly much

as Spring will come.

However, maybe it could hurry up

just a little?! :)

The above picture is from today...

Earlier picture with Cleo enjoying the sun,
while perhaps not having her picture taken.
Too bad though, as she is not really the boss
here, though sometimes

I don't know if she got that particular
stating that I am the owner and therefore boss :)
March is quickly passing us by.
My contract is for two more weeks;
I may get more work there but am not sure yet.
I am trying meanwhile to be thankful and
look to God for wisdom and help.
This morning I actually remembered to think of
telling God 5 things I am thankful for,
like Abbot M. Webber recommends to his monks.
Thankfulness can bring out the sunshine inside of
one's self;
I need a good shot of it myself for
the wet post-winter days of soggy spring;
Thank God that with God we can
learn the deep art of thankfulness....

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Marfa said...

Happy Spring to you! I love the snow. It's funny when you grow up in a northern climate (Vermont) and expect to see more snow and are disappointed by the mild winters (Ohio)!