Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fun with my Cleo Cat

So furry;

I have a lint brush at work,

you can well imagine.

Cute and Sleepy.

It was sunny today.
I baked my vegan chocolate cake;
made a different frosting recipe;
will see tomorrow how it all is.
One more week of work;
still waiting to see if the contract
will be extended.
I have loved the work...


Anna said...

such cute pictures of the cake supervisor :) I remembered you'd posted the recipe a while ago and looked it up just now - just in time for a friend's birthday party tomorrow! Very best wishes about contract extension - so hard to wait.

Sarah Euphemia said...

How cute :) Praying for your job contract!

Matushka Anna said...


Cleo is SUCH a darling cat. I love her fluffiness.

Still praying about the job!

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

I wish I had a cat like Cleo.

Prayers for you, as always.

amy said...

Oh! Cleo is beautiful! She must be wonderful to cuddle with ; ' )

Mimi said...

Prayers continue.