Saturday, April 04, 2009

Last Assignment in Lent

I have had a lot of quietness this weekend.
I finished (almost completely) my last assignment for my online course.
I am a bit more hopeful about work.
Tomorrow is going to be a very social day, so I am glad to have had quiet beforehand.
This Lent has gone so quickly.
I relaxed more than last Lent; but I do not think this was a wrong thing to do.
I think (or hope) I was and am being more realistic,
and true to my circumstances.
That said,
laziness must not reign in my house or in my heart.
May God give us the support we need to complete the fast -
we are almost to Holy Week...


Michelle M. said...

I hope you enjoy the rest of your quiet day. I wish I could say mine was the same, but there is little quiet with a 1 and a 3 year old running around :)

elizabeth said...

thank you! yes... we all have different blessings! enjoy your children! God is good to us, according to our needs...

E Helena E said...

It sounds as though you're learning to cultivate a wise balance between relaxation and discipline. Glad to hear about the progress with the course. May God sustain you onwards to Holy Week and beyond.

elizabeth said...

Dear E-H - I hope and pray so. May the Lord so have mercy!

thank you for your encouragement... may you also be upheld!

DebD said...

quietness sounds wonderful. I find it is hard for me to settle down when I have large blocks of quiet (which I thankfully had some of this weekend)...its as though I have lost the ability to still my mind.