Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My 8 things

Pres. Kathy tagged me!

8 Things I am looking forward to:

1 Spending time with people
2 Finishing reading and comprehending Paradise Lost by John Milton
3 Having my house clean
4 Having more life direction/certainty
5 Book sales in May
6 My class on 17th century Lit
7 Being more clear within myself
8 Being at the Monastery again sometime

8 Things I did yesterday:

1 Dishes
2 Read Paradise Lost
3 Bought books for class
4 Bought two fun books on English Lit
5 Talked to people on the phone
6 Spent hours in the library (see #2)
7 Held my cat Cleo
8 Walked outside

8 Things I wish I could do:

1 Learn to be more verbally assertive and confident – I am working on this!
2 Tell my own future and make it a nice one.
3 Make things better for others – it is hard for me to see suffering
4 Write really well and get published
5 Do well in academia without being internally destroyed
6 Have more discipline and organization
7 Have a community of friends that all hang out on a more regular basis. We live in a very fragmented lonely world. I wish to combat this more.
8 Have Pascha like parties twice a month

8 Shows I Watch

The secret is now out! I don’t watch any. Silly me, not having a TV. Blogs and book reading and talking on the phone are my pastimes. So I will tell you what books I’ve been reading instead.

1 Paradise Lost by John Milton
2 17th Century Prose and Poetry – a Broadview anthology
3 A History of English Literature by Emile Legouis and Louis Cazamian (published and revised 1926-1933)
4 The Penguin Short History of English Literature by Stephen Coote
5 Acedia and Me by Kathleen Norris
6 Preface to Paradise Lost by CS Lewis (have not read much of this one yet)
7 Milton’s Ideas by William Grace
8 Dear Editor: A History of Poetry in Letters (this is about the American journal entitled Poetry and has lots of interesting letters from the likes of Ezra Pound, etc)

8 Tags.

Well. I’d rather not tag others, but if you comment on my blog and do this, I would love to read them!

About the number 8 - the 8th day is also called the Day of the Resurrection. For this I want most of all.


Michelle M. said...

I love that you put a list of books instead of TV shows- way to go :) I usually spent an hour watching TV and then head to bed so that I can read for a few hours. :)

elizabeth said...

thanks Michelle!


My book list is a bit focused at the moment... I am fortunate to have friends who do not mind me talking about Milton a lot these days... !

Mimi said...

Books instead of TV shows is brilliant.