Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Holy Thursday 2009

Tonight was the mystery of anointing with the seven Gospels.
Tomorrow is the 12 Matin Gospels in the evening.

I need to prepare forms, resume, portfolio and do research for my job interview.

I feel overwhelmed at the suddenness of it. I was not expecting an interview so soon.

I have so many decisions to make about my life and career and what to do. It is really hard. And there are not many who can really advise me on it.

Questions such as:

*do I take time off and learn French? This is a complicated one. I live in the capital of Canada which is bilingual. I am the sole wage earner in my one person plus cat house. Do I risk not taking a job for the summer and see how far I can get in learning French? I know maybe 20 words total of French. (No lie, I did not have it in school ever, as I grew up in the States.)

*do I go from contract from contract if I do not land a permanent job that is not the best fit for me? Ottawa is a contract city...

*do I change directions? I had missed my English Lit days. But an MA in English Lit will not get jobs. My MLIS degree will.

So many questions. I never knew I would be a professional who has to figure out how to strategically build her career.

Lord have mercy, I need His Wisdom so badly.

Wise words from one of my friends - we only have today.

I pray that I will learn to love God and watch for Him as the Bridegroom in each of my days.


RW said...

I vote for a job - but I will pray that God's will be done.

avery said...

well, learning french would definitely open doors for you, but the amount you would need to learn for it to be a true benefit would take longer than a summer.
though while you are on EI anyway...

tough decisions. I will pray for you.

Mimi said...

Lord have Mercy as you make your decisions.


elizabeth said...

thank you so much RW, Vic (I know it is you!) and Mimi...

this is not an easy time and at times feels like an emotional landmine !

yet, God is with us.

tamie said...

wow! you already have an interview!

so many questions indeed. i really wish that we'd had more nitty-gritty classes in university, the kind that taught you how to navigate the working world. that would have been helpful for lofty english majors like us!!

elizabeth said...

tamie - yes... I know ... we were not at all in anyway prepared for the working world! It sure can be hard! and Sigh, I still miss those English major days that seemed so easy now!

Meadowlark Days said...

Speaking from experience, don't bother with a lit MA! ;-)