Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Things

On Bright Monday I had a small Pascha Party.
It was very lovely and I appreciate
all who came.
It was a dream come true to have this party.
(Notice the Ikea White bowl setting - was for a precious 2 year old!)
On other positive notes:
1. I will get some money back from taxes. This is good given my current non-job status.
2. I got an A- in my library course! (Thanks for all prayers and encouragment).
3. I think I have almost all of my errands done -
this means I can start really studying for my class.
I admit that I am a bit anxious
about the course I plan on taking.
One thing at a time...


DebD said...

What a lovely table setting. You have a great eye for such things.

Victoria said...

one foot in front of the other.
and so we get through our days.
what a lovely table you set!

elizabeth said...

Thanks Deb (blush happily)... I love creating spaces in my home for special things!!! I love creatng in general...

Thanks V - yes... one foot in front of the other! and I did get things done today, which is good!

thanks for the table compliment! :)

E Helena E said...

Lovely photo and lovely to have the home for "fine dining" now also.
Congrats on the good mark...may it spur you onwards!

Elizabeth said...

I never manage to make a table setting look anywhere near as nice as that....sigh ! I am jealous :-)

Well done on your excellent mark !

Michelle M. said...

I agree with Deb: beautiful table setting. And good with your class. I hope everything else falls into place.

elizabeth said...

thanks E-H! yes... I must be spurred on... !

E - it was really quite a simple table setting - just my best dishes - the table cloth was from an inexpensive store, the blue dishes (which I love and get many compliments) I found years ago at a garage sale! and the glasses are IKEA and the wine glasses from my local grocery store - add a few nice glass bowls (garage sales, sales and hand-me-downs) for the food and tall white candles and it is done!

it is fun to make beauty at home and doing it creativly and without a high cost! And tall candles lit really add a lot to it, esp. with other lamps turned off!

the table cloth also adds a lot - it is a simple white one!

Mimi said...

Beautiful table.
and, whohoooo on the tax money and the A-

elizabeth said...

thank you Mimi!! I appreciate you!