Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Furniture is coming my way

My furniture is coming!!!!

Let's hope it is all in one piece and all able to be assembled. Last year I got a tall bookshelf from IKEA that had the wrong shelf on top... It took half a year to get it fixed!

So what am I getting? Well... since you asked ;)

In Antique stain:

-buffet with glass doors
-coffee table with cool shelves in middle
-matching tall bookshelf (the same as mentioned above)
-round, with 1 leaf extension, dining room table (sits 4 or 6)

With cute full chair skirt almost to the floor:
-4 cute dining room chairs that are comfortable (good chairs are hard to find)

And one...

Ivory leather sofa bed (was just a little bit more than a cloth sofa bed and my Cat Cleo SHEDS)

I had intentionally saved almost all of my last year's tax return (educational credits all used up!) because I knew I wanted to move apartments. As I did not have a living room, I knew I would have a bit to store up for.

And now that time is here. It is a bit sudden, but exciting.

Finally I will DV have a bed and the space to have family and friends sleep over!


On another note....I am still working at trying not to worry. I received some encouraging emails today that reminded me that I am loved. Sometimes, life is a bit of a struggle. And I know that starting a new job, moving and setting up house are all really big things. Lots of things going on with my job, a new online class and house stuff. But God is good and I am trying to pace myself, eat well and breathe a lot. I am still struggling with almost daily-nightly insomnia and some dizziness. More doctors appointments are in the works about these things.

Sending my love to all I know through the blog world!


E Helena E said...

Yes, you are loved!
Yay about the furniture. That is exciting. It all sounds very elegant.
Prayers for restful sleep, peace, and good health.

Victoria said...

yay!!! new furniture is so exciting!!
so many blessings to be thankful for.

Mimi said...

Whohooooo! Can't wait to see photos!

And, prayers for the doctor's appointments

Anonymous said...
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elizabeth said...

thanks E-H for your kindness and prayers!

Vic - yes! lots to be thankful for!

Mimi - thanks! will do photos when i can! thanks for prayers!

fyi - Susan seemed to be spam - no profile and advert for sofa bed. spam is so insidieous!

Meadowlark Days said...

Yay from me too! It's always nice to feel a bit more settled, and new furniture helps.

elizabeth said...

yes! exactly - I am actually suprised at how much having proper furniture for the space is helping!

thanks K!

Marcel said...

Dag Roosje, ben jij van Nederlandse afkomst? Ik heb net het verhaal over je opa en oma gelezen, allemaal erg herkenbaar. :) Mensen leven nog zo steeds hier.

Groet van Marcel

elizabeth said...

Hi Marcel. Yes, I am of Dutch orgin, but I do not speak Dutch. (I used Google translator to see what you wrote). Wishing you well.