Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Christ is Born!

May He be born in us.

Nativity Liturgy was beautiful. Very good friends of mine were there. Went to a festive meal afterwards, it was nice.

Cleo woke me up three times last night (when I leave for more than a few days, she tends to wake me up for the first couple of nights). I am very tired.

IKEA has more of my money now. Furniture boxes are in my apartment - coffee table and buffet. The assembly will be done later.

My long-lost suitcase is still at the airport. Have not received a call for the delivery as of yet. At least I know where it is. Praying that I will have it before the weekend.

Tomorrow I go back to work. This will be a transition! I have not been there for two weeks. I will have a lot of work waiting for me. I know I need to not worry and trust God to get me through. Friday I start my online course (job training).

The new icons (that were in the suitcase that did make it) are up on my prayer wall and the beauty, space and order comfort me.

May God comfort us all.


Simply Victoria said...

I just had my first day back to work too, after two weeks off.
they went super quick for me. you too?

elizabeth said...

yes, it went quickly, but wow did a lot happen!

(as in i stayed at three places in a space of two weeks)

it is good to be back and continuing the cleaning, organizing and preparing of my new apartment!

E Helena E said...

Glad you could celebrate Christ's Nativity and have this time before work begins again. I was wondering if you had to jump right in on Monday after the long trip back!

elizabeth said...

thank God He has given me time to adjust a bit first!

Meadowlark Days said...

I'm so glad your suitcase has been located - now hopefully it will arrive quickly! And please share photos of the new icons

Mimi said...

Christ is Born

elizabeth said...

Glorify Him!

FYI - will show pictures when it is done... one of my icons has nothing on the back to hang it from... and so a space is empty still...