Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hope for Ottawa

The bus strike has ended!!!!!!!

As someone at work commented - the real reason it will end soon is because Obama is coming to Ottawa on February 19.

It would of looked really bad if the city could not even end a bus strike. And imagine the traffic jams.

(FYI for those who may not know, Ottawa is the capital of Canada).

I talked to a really good friend tonight. My heart feels a lot lighter now. I have to be disciplined and do homework tomorrow.

Question I am thinking about:

I walk to work and the winter coat that I bought last year (first one I ever bought) is not long, as in down-to-the-knees-long and at times I have been so cold** when I walk to work (or church).

Should I try to find a new one on sale or should I tough it out?

Any thoughts?

**or I should say my legs have been cold; the rest of me is usually fairly warm as I have a good shorter winter coat, wear gloves under my mittens and two scarves. It gets cold here, so that minus 11 degrees Celsius feels warm.


E Helena E said...

Yes, the timing of this ending seems rather too coincidental, but thank God!! It was prayed about in churches.

Regarding your winter coat dilemma, have you considered wearing long underwear (just the bottoms) and changing when you get to work or church? They can make a big difference on cold legs!

May the Lord guide you today and give you a productive homework time. Love to you.

elizabeth said...

thanks....for sure I am thanking God that the bus strike is over...

and if it took the US president to come to really break it, so be it. it should of never went on like this though! wow.

that is the problem: i already am as layered as possible and still cold. will be pondering.

thanks for your love; it is so hard to get going and do homework!!

RW said...

oh. I was going to suggest long underwear too.... they are the best things ever. invest in some good ones from mountain equipment coop

Athanasia said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks for visiting my blog!

I wholeheartedly agree about the long underwear which I wear all winter long here in Pennsylvania in the US and we don't have nearly as cold winters as you do in Ottawa!

Asheya said...

Go to a thrift store and see if you can find a nice coat that is longer. I definitely believe in being warm in these cold climates.

If you can't find anything, maybe check Sears online, as they often have sales on stuff they have overstocked. I would think winter things would be on sale soon.

elizabeth said...

thanks everyone for the comments! I have been pondering... there is a MEC here, but with no busses (strike is over but getting busses ready for the road has not happened yet) i cannot get to it...

not sure what i will do about this yet...

i like the idea of thrift stores, but usually do not have the time to get to them... i would have to take a bus for a half hour or so to get to the two i know about and my life seems so busy that i just don't have the time for this... there is a sears in walking distance though... (i need to try coats on first)...

we'll see! thanks again everyone!