Tuesday, January 06, 2009

In Ottawa with Cleo

I am back home. One of my suitcases (with gifts for others and gifts from others and a new lampada for my living room) has not made it yet. I hope and pray that I will get this suitcase back. It has a lot of special things that I cannot replace (blanket from my Oma, small miniature tea set my Mom found, a beautiful mounted icon from the monastery). The website says it is still be traced. I flew in a 15 seater plane and we heard the baggage people complain about the bags not fitting. I saw them put one of mine on and ever saw them put the other one on.

So I wait and seek to not worry and be content. A lesson on not being attached to my things!

Tomorrow is old calendar Christmas. Every year is different. This year I do not feel anything other than a rushed bewilderment of going between two different calendars. (I celebrated feasts past Christmas at the monastery already).

I am going to buy furniture soon for my apartment.

I had very little time to go online when I was home. This is good actually. Anyway. I caught up on my blog feed reading, which I enjoyed.

Praying that every one's first week of 2009 is going well.


Anonymous said...

oh, suitcases coming back after you... I always get anxious when that happens. Because you travel with things you need and/or like very much, so it's a bummer to lose them. But they are almost always found. I hope yours is, too :)

elizabeth said...

thanks for the encouragement!