Saturday, April 12, 2008

The pull towards Holy Week amidst Cover Letters

We are almost in the 5th and last week of Lent!!! I think a lot of us feel a bit battered by now. The marathon to Holy Week is always challenging, often in unexpected or unforeseen ways. But straggling and bedraggled, we are coming.

I am working on a cover letter again. I am slowly getting a format down so that I can use again, with changes according to job description.

It is such a challenge to look for work! It takes a lot of perseverance and spiritual battles against apathy and despair. Perfect for Lent!!

I am starting the feel the pull towards Holy Week; the prayers of Bridegroom Matins are coming back; the freedom, intensity and otherness of this week. I can't wait. My spiritual father has said if one could only live 7 days, these are the 7 days to live.

I have taken the whole week off. Works well since I need to use up my vacation time; to me this was not even something I thought about not doing. I am an Orthodox convert - isn't that just something we would do? :)

It is also practical - Pasca flu can really happen. The services can be intense, long and deeply beautiful. I could go on...

But I better finish the draft of my cover letter so I can go to vespers on time...

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Mimi said...

What a blessing to have that week off! Enjoy, and pray for me.