Monday, April 21, 2008

Holy Week, Holy Monday

Thank God. Survival of Lent 2008 has happened.

My house is slowly getting cleaned. I felt by the end of Lent that I had nothing to give to God. I have since been told that I have one thing I can give: my willingness.

Psalm 51 "Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit."

I am listening to Bach as I clean my house; I went grocery shopping. They were out of ice cream - I hope to get some by Pasca to continue my tradition of having it for breakfast on Pasca morning after waking up (as in I will be going to sleep at 2-3 AM after the Pasca liturgy and basket blessing; we do not have a Sunday AM liturgy that day). Ice cream for breakfast is one of the great things of being Orthodox and an adult! :)

And, it fits my sense of humour.

I have to research the library job today and go to the library tomorrow and try to introduce myself to a manager to tell them I will be applying.

about this I am just a little NERVOUS. but I know I need to do it; various people agreed including my Deacon. Would love prayers for this...

I have been home most of today, much to my Cat's delight. I had been finding my work a bit stressful of late, so I am glad for the week break. I hope my next job has vacation days too! I could really get used to this...

Wishing everyone a good Holy Week... and Great and Holy Pasca! (in case I do not blog again this week).


Mimi said...

This post made me smile! What a wonderful Holy Monday.

And, yum, I think we'll have crepes with sour cream filling for breakfast on Pascha!

Anonymous said...

Prayers to you, E.