Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Holy Tuesday, Good Things Happening

It is Holy Tuesday!

I admit it feels a bit surreal to me, as I am also on vacation. And let me tell you just being able to be at my house during the day and not waking up between 5 and 6 am is great!

Tonight I am visiting another church for Tuesday's Bridegroom Matins... I am greatly anticipating this, as these are some of my all time favourite services of the liturgical year.

So the good things, other than what I already mentioned:

1. I got screen into the first part of a (government, aka red tape) completion for a job! In about 2 weeks I will go and do a test on the computer on specific librarian skills to see if I can do that job.

2. I went to the public library (aka not as much red tape) today and asked in person about a job posting that is due tomorrow. Cover Letter notes have been made. And what is better is that I feel I actually have stuff to say! Thank You God for Your Mercy.

So both of these job opportunities I will be waiting to see if I get an interview for.

I was nervous about going in person and am so glad I did...

Now I have to do more work...

Some special friends are praying for me for this and I feel really blessed and supported. God is so good to me, even when I get scared and my faith is small and shaky.

Okay. Time for dinner. I always feel drained after doing informal networking with the other librarians I would be working with! Now to see what is in my fridge...


Mimi said...

Prayers continue!

elizabeth said...

thank you! i would not make it without the prayers of others!