Friday, April 25, 2008

Great and Holy Friday

Glory to Thy Passion O Lord, Glory to Thy long suffering!

Every Holy Week is so unique.

I am feeling overwhelmed but very cared for. I found a beautiful Pasca outfit. All white. Praying that it does not rain.

I have an interview for a job I applied for this coming Wednesday and have no idea how to prepare (and will not start to do so until earliest Bright Monday afternoon).

I applied for another job online yesterday (the one I think I really want, but before interviews it is hard to know).

Interviews, as it does for many, makes me nervous. Invariably I go shopping - this time new jacket and light pink blouse. any thoughts on light pink with black pants and jacket for an interview?


I know what I need to do most of all: pray the verses in Matthew 6 about not worrying:

do not worry about the clothes you will wear

and Seek First God's Kingdom.

I am really excited for Pasca. And this is the first time I have gotten a Pasca outfit, one that I hope will last a good number of years.

(FYI for those who wonder, I do not have a digital camera and do not know how to post pictures; I am also lazy, sorry.)

I know that the Pasca baskets and Pasca outfits are beyond second place in comparison to Christ's Passion and Resurrection. Yet, it feels wonderful to try to prepare one's self with one's best clothes, shoes, baskets for Pasca.

Now I have so much to do ... Holy Friday was not supposed to be as frantic as my morning will be, but I must continue to trust in God's mercy. And I pray that as I go about things, that my heart can learn to be awake to God and to watch.

Blessed Holy Weekend to all.

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Mimi said...

I found myself clothes shopping between work and dinner and church last night for my youngest.

Congrats on the good job leads, and on your beautiful new outfit. A blessed Pascha to you as well!