Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Tuesday in NYC: the Met, my Library and Lunch

I got to the PATH train and almost forgot that
I need to take the one to the World Trade Centre 
as I was going to my library and the MET!
The door had just closed when the conductor must
have seen me and opened it again! 
I was not messing around, doubled masked as usual.
The trains were more full than ever,
though still not to the rush-hour full pre-pandemic.
I've just had a slew of people get the virus who
are in NJ so I am doing my best to 
not drop my gaurd (I am vaxxed as they say now days;
however I personally know break-through cases...)

So I've joined this fun bookclub on Instagram
and it is fun to take pictures of one of my favourite 
reads; it was published first in 1970 and it was rather
shocking to realize that this was over 50 years ago.
I have just 4 years,- 4 months before I hit that number.
It's rather startling. 
Anyway the book club is HERE and I posted
my first picture of this HERE,
which I just realized I have not included in the blog post,
so I will go back, look that picture up, before
I publish this, and post it right below:

A fun for-fun picture :) Tea + Books is it for me! 

Two nice pictures of my subscription library that
I took today!

I love this picture by Monet above at the MET.

This is an icon of the Ressurection of Christ,
Christ is in the centre lifting up Adam,
Eve, next to Adam, in the red, is already standing,
which, if you know this icon, means that Christ pulled
her up first, or she would not be standing.
And once again, early Christianty shows that the 
misogyny that modern scholars often want to throw at it
Eve was pulled up first; some icons she is second of course, then Adam is standing and Christ is just going to pull Eve up; 
in some icons both are waiting to be pulled up.
Does it bother me that some icons show Adam being pulled up
first? not at all.
However, it's cool when Eve is first as it seems that some
would never believe that she was EVER first... 
It was pretty wonderful that I was there in NYC.
The whole leg/back pain thing was not much of a problem
and I was just so happy to be doing something again,
after what was at least 3 weeks of derailment in plans,
though I hope not in what God planned.
Larissa's funeral was a week ago tomorrow. 
Two weeks ago Thursday I saw her on the day she died
and read all those prayers.
It is still so meaningful to me that I felt like for once
I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing.
Our local priest talked recently about the fact that
we sin every minute of the day and if God let us 
know the amont of our sin we would be crushed
but our priest also said if we could experience / see 
the full goodness of God we would also be crushed
and somehow I got the idea that God's goodness is so deep
that our sin, that's why it can be forgiven.
I had a wonderful moment looking at the icons at the MET
where I was aware of what my priest said about our sins
and even having one second of remembering what he said
and a hint of understanding of how true it is, about how
much we sin, that was a real gift, just even to have a flash 
of awareness of it.
I forget these things so quickly 
which is why I wanted to write it here.
So, now it is getting late.
Tomorrow is another busy day; more PT.
And I am getting my hair cut.
May the Lord have mercy on us
and save us! 


Lisa Richards said...

I love 84 Charing Cross Road! I read it many years ago, then my mom sent me the movie which I've watched several times. Glad you're out and about! I'm so glad that Jesus's blood is sufficient to cover all my sin! What a magnificent blessing!

Martha said...

I've heard good things about that book, but never read it. Maybe I'll join in the Instagram group?

joymariecooks said...

I've seen the movie but haven't yet read the book. It was an enjoyable watch and one that we kept instead of thrift store-ing. (We buy them st the thrift store and keep ones we love and re-donate the rest.)

Granny Marigold said...

I'm happy for you that you were able to go to NYC and have a good day there ( with not too much discomfort).

Pilgrim said...

I enjoy the comfort book cllub, but it is starting to affect my budget! My taste falls pretty.much in line with Donna’s. I finished 84 Charing Cross Road and am working on A Fortnight in September, now. Reminds me of Thornton Wilder’s play, Our Town, in some ways. Probably even more striking in these years of covid, when vacations so limited—and the losses of life so many.