Sunday, October 10, 2021

A Wonderful Canadian Thanksgiving & 10 Year Anniversary of Meeting

10 Years Ago: on Friday: My Husband and I met for the first time in person and had a dinner party that night.  10 years ago my godson was born.  10 years ago we had our first Canadian Thanksgiving together.  It was wonderful, a full weekend of meeting many friends and introducing Mr Husband (then my newly met dating-for-over-a-month long distance boyfriend) to everyone and everyone to him.  

Today we had a lovely dinner (Roast Beef! Mashed potatoes, corn, beans, fried mushrooms with half an onion, salad) and dessert (Junior's Cheesecake! with one's choice of tea).  

And they spoiled us with beautiful flowers from their garden, wine & gifts, pressies as my friend says. I love that about her.  It was a real sense of homecoming and familarity.  We had not had anyone over for dinner in a while (silly pandemic etc) and it was such a blessing.  

We hope to have more in the future but we will see.  God willing.  

Meanwhile, I am so greatful for this evening, it had been such a long time.  ❤

May God bless each and everyone of you...


Granny Marigold said...

The flowers, the food and your pretty dishes, everything looks lovely. We had family over today and will again tomorrow.

karen said...

happy thanksgiving! lovely your memories listed of past events :) Time flies!!

Pilgrim said...

Happy Thanksgiving!