Monday, December 07, 2015

Putting up the Christmas Tree on St. Katharine's Eve and Day!

I got out our tree yesterday,
it looks so small when putting the first of three pieces together! 

Tree progress, from left to right...

 Last night I put up the tree
and lights.
I have to try to fix a bottom strand of lights,
I have two tips to try from my Dad via IG :)
Today I hope to decorate the tree,
order presents,
and get this house ready for Christmas!

Today is Saint Katharine's Day!
She is a wonderful Saint and Holy Martyr!
I am trying, in the midst of this,
to pace myself, stay well hydrated and eat healthy foods.
We are still in between the lines of well/sick 
and are doing our best.
Happy Feast Day!


Lisa said...

Take it slow and enjoy the process of preparing your home for the celebration of our Lord's Advent! What a joyeous season!! xo

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...


karen said...

you have such a lovely home and I am happy you have your tree up and lit! I've watched from IG and it was fun.

Emily H. said...

It looks very pretty!