Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Tree and Today

This is the same ornament that my godmother gave me
years ago - I insisted that my Mom keep that one, as I like knowing it is on her tree,
even when I can't come home for Christmas. 
This one I bought with my godmother from our MI church bookstore
when I was there in November. 
Such a special time. 

Should I tell you about a certain Cleo cat
who took off not one but TWO bows from
the presents below?
Naughty Cleo! 

I got this cute little dog when I probably a young preteen or so.

This one was from Mrs. M, my preschool teacher.
When I was doing up the tree this year,
I was overwhelmed with the realization that I have had so many 
loving people in my life through the years
and I did not realize just how much I have been given...

This star is from one of my dear church friends. 

Even my phone has a festive new cover :)
Well, today Mr. Husband is working on the other coast, there till late Thursday.
I am baking, getting ready for St. Nicholas day, and things like that.
I had a phone call from a friend today and 
her struggles sadden me.
Please pray for my friend who 
some of you know as Mara.
I put up Christmas white lights under my kitchen cupboards.
Pictures forthcoming.
I love them.
St. Nicholas day is this Saturday.
I am really looking forward to this.
I find the times when Mr Husband is away
on work in another state or even country that
I really miss him.
My Mother says this is a good thing.
I think so too. 
What is happening in your corner of the world today?
May we know that God loves us and 
that Christmas means that He wants to be with us,
even in and even because of us being in,
all of our mess.
God is with us. 


E Helena E said...

Lord have mercy! Praying for Mara.

Martha said...

What a beautiful tree! And ornaments with stories...that deer from your preschool teacher is darling.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

My prayers for Mara.

Your tree really is delightfully decorated and I did smile at the festive "bling" cover for your phone :)

Lisa said...

I'll pray for Mara. (yes, Cleo is naughty!) :)

elizabeth said...

E-H, Elizabeth and Lisa: thanks. Mara really needs our prayers, it's a really tough ongoing illness she has and very lonely too (she's over 2K miles from me) though I am glad she has friends where she is. Just really difficult.