Saturday, December 05, 2015

How it is now, in the midst of the Nativity Season

It's Saturday afternoon.
I made it through being gone two weeks,
two good weeks, to my parents in MI.
Mr. Husband and I were apart for 4 days
and the gratefulness of me being back
Mr. Husband has been speaking of for 3 days now.
I stayed longer to go through childhood and teen-hood and 
then early adult years of the 20's and early 30s worth of things
and got rid of more than half of everything.
My books that were there are now about 1/3 left.
My childhood toys, halved.
Letters and papers, maybe halved.
Pictures, still have much to do but got rid of some.
I also had dates with my Mom, with my Aunt and Cousins,
my Godmother, siblings, Thanksgiving meals and more family visits.
It was good.
Also hard to go through things, 
as so many of my friends and others have
suffered great losses that when we were in our mid-twenties
could not foresee. 
Mr. Husband's allergies are raging,
I am tired from a nonstop schedule of things and
am just praying to recoop so I can bake 
St. Nicholas cookies and such things.
Mr. Husband is traveling again soon, for work.
It will be my time to miss him.
I got more fun Christmas things,
napkins, ornaments, a new table cloth,
and beautiful napkin ring holders.
I hope to do two Christmas dinners that others are at,
as well as time with Mr. Husband.
This coming week includes eyeglass appointments,
Husband's work Christmas party,
a few meetings, and I hope baking, home decorating
and peace in our home.
I found out recently that I am a bit low on iron;
I've been having some fatigue issues, to the point that
I am not as strong as I was last year.
So while I am reading a lot of blogs but am not blogging or
even commenting as much on others.
It's the Nativity Season and I am asking for mercy.
For me and for many who I know who are
struggling with a lot of heavy and hard things.
I think one of the reasons I love Christmas so much
are the many stories of hope coming in the midst of
darkness, cold and indeed the bleak mid-winter.
Christ has come to be with us in the midst of 
all that life is, messes, mix-ups, joys, sorrow and 
time spent waiting and searching.
God gives beauty and hope in it all;
I was at a Chanticleer concert yesterday
with such beauty, precision and a real 
sense of Orthodoxy that Tavener had picked up
in his searching.  
To see and hear it performed in person
was a real sense of hope beyond what most
of us see in terms of our daily lives
It's the Nativity Season and I am asking for mercy. 


October Rose said...

Mercy, yes. That is what I am asking for this advent too.

God bless!!

karen said...

praying that your energy returns and the fatigue goes away! glad you had a good visit with your family.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Prayers for you both x