Tuesday, December 22, 2015

And it's about to begin (for the next 2+ weeks!)

I never did show you the twinkle lights in my kitchen.
I love them.
They are staying year round.
These pictures were of last week,
when Mr. Husband was away and I was baking up a storm.
Lemon bars, turtle bars, they are safely in the freezer!
We are about to begin visits with family for Western Christmas
and then will have New Years quietly and then
gear up for our Jan 7th Christmas.
I am praying for at least 1 good day to do lots of BAKING as
everything got askew this year and my baking has been 
last minute, instead of the dreamed of
months ahead wrapped up well and snug in our freezer. 
I have presents to wrap, our Christmas cards 
are going out late this year, and it's all OK.
Christ came in the middle of everything to 
be with us.
All will be well and in all matter of things will be well.
{don't fret if I don't post a lot the next weeks,
it will mean I am living in the moment and am too busy to write!}
Have a blessed Christmas everyone whose Christmas is
this Friday!
Christ is born!
Glorify Him!


E Helena E said...

Living in the moment is the only way to go! I have those twinkle lights around my bed during this season. Thinking of you visiting family. January 7th will be my Christmas also. Love to you.

Paula said...

I could use another couple weeks before Christmas :) Cookies didn't get made. Oh well, there's always next year. I'm doing better. The tree and the rest of the decorations helped. Ella's got a cold, so that's forcing me to slow down and let it go.

Have fun with your company.

GretchenJoanna said...

Happy baking!! You won't be forgetting the one needful thing, so your Christmas will be splendid.

Lisa said...

A blessed Christmas to you, Elizabeth! Both times! :)

karen said...

merry Christmas and safe travels!!

Martha said...

so cozy in your home ♥ I have lots of baking to do, have done biscotti as gifts and will be doing more soon!