Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Gifts ~ hand knit, hand made

This is the most special bag, as it is
the last of the lovely spa collection from our stay in
Quebec City on our Honeymoon 
three years ago!
It's wrapped up with a nice hand knit white cloth! 

I knit so many wash cloths so I would be ready to 
bag up some simple Christmas gifts this year:
we have been keeping the best of the hotel soaps
from various places to give this year,
I am hoping along side Christmas baked goods and homemade 
blends of tea. 
Reading various things
What are you reading and creating?
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Donna said...

Great idea for gifts! I love getting bags of goodies like that.

Elise said...

That's a lovely gift idea, and awesome wrapping! I knit my first washcloth as a Christmas pressie and I loved making it, must do more next year :)

Heather said...

That is a wonderful gift! I haven't been making any gifts this year. My hope is to start super early next year...we shall see!

Becki said...

Your bags of gifts look so festive! And scrolling down your blog, I want to tell you that I love the pictures of your tree, and the individual pictures of ornaments. Thank you for bringing us into your home. I feel peace when I visit your space here.

October Rose said...

This is wonderful!! What beautiful gifts. :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

How festive!

karen said...

gorgeous gifts you are giving!! I love how you wrapped and packaged them :)

Amanda said...

Great gift idea! I've only discovered Elizabeth David this year and do enjoy her recipes/dialogue.