Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tartine, Remains of the Day & Blue Checkered Blanket


I have all four colours in for the blanket I am working on!
I am loving doing textured patterns and 
am getting the seed stitch down well now!

I am doing this now on size ten corded needles
so I will start a larger section when I am happy with the length 
and keep this 'on the cord' next to it while I work
the new section to compare, etc.

I am reading  studying Tartine
to see how Chad Robinson makes bread.
When I first began baking bread
I was sent this video and never forgot it:

I am going to do more research via the web as well...
so far found these two links and will look further. 
Eventually I will decide where I want to go 
further in my bread baking adventures and
am loving reading about the Tartine method.

I've also begun Remains of the Day and 
it is a good read so far!
What are you reading and creating?
yarn along with us!


October Rose said...

I've been meaning to read a cookbook (or two) about bread baking; my bread sometimes turns out amazing and sometimes not so much.

I am loving the colors of your blanket!!

karen said...

lovely blanket colors and the book looks good, I think I own it or I have it on my to read list, cannot remember right this moment!!

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

You have inspired me with your bread baking books! I like the easy methods which actually produce very flavorful loaves, don't you think? :) Love the blue you are working with!

willfulmina said...

I love how you have arranged the yarns in a gradient!

Donna said...

I love the blue shades you are using. They blend so nicely together.

Sarah said...

Beautiful! I used to bake bread a lot, so much that I rarely bought it. Now I just don't have the time, probably because I prioritize other from-scratch things instead and we don't eat too much bread since I am working to lose weight so I just buy sandwich loaves at Costco or the bread outlet. I miss making it though!

Jen Letts said...

I used to be the baker for our family when we lived on a farm. I miss making bread but I sure cannot eat a whole loaf myself! I loved the video, so peaceful...

steph said...

need to put tartine on my list.....i had all the ingredients out the other day to make some bread, and the who knows what happened!!??!! Lovely colors in your blanket, too!!!!

Lisa said...

Elizabeth, I thank you for sharing this dreamy video - interesting how they thin out the starter with water. Well, the whole thing is fascinating, so beautifully filmed.

I look forward to seeing the progress on your blanket - I like the blues and the interesting stitches.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Elizabeth, those blues are wonderful!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Elizabeth, those blues are wonderful!