Monday, February 23, 2015

Lenten Icons

Somehow I rearranged my buffet icons and 
it is so pleasing the way it is done now,
it's like it has opened into a perfect
symmetry of help, beauty, line and light.

When I took these pictures,
it was still in the Feast time of the 
Meeting of the Lord.
Such a joyful feast.

My house is now ready for Lent.

All mu Lenten icons are in place.

Now I just have to get my heart ready...
May God have mercy on us this 
Lent and help us!


October Rose said...

Thank you for sharing this beauty!

Reinventing Mother said...

Such peace and beauty!

Martha said...

I ♥ that icon of St. George you have...I have a card with that exact one on it. My father wrote it to me five years ago when I was in the hospital for appendicitis and now he is unable to write, so it means a lot to me. I wish you a fruitful Great Lent.

karen said...

love the contemplative space you have for yourself, so lovely and so blessed.