Friday, February 20, 2015

A Simple Brunch with a friend and the first week of Lent

Two pots of tea,
toast, scrambled eggs, juice, fruit...

 It was very nice and a welcomed treat before Lent!
The first week of Lent, next week,
is going to be quite different for me.
 I have a plane ticket to leave next week
and I will be with my Ottawa parish for the second half of Clean Week
as we call it, with the Canon of St. Andrew, presanctified liturgy on Friday night,
one of my most loved services, and I will get to see the kids,
process with their icons around church,
something my church down here does not do.
Each church has different traditions; my church down here does
the blessing of Candles and my Ottawa one does not;
just different, not worse or better, but different. 
I am still getting ready to go,
while preparing my home for Great Lent...
I will be bringing with me very warm clothes since 
I will back to some things I know well...
Bridgehead Tea, familiar restaurants, some of my closest friends,
and a family who I just love to stay with...
And, my hairdresser.  Seriously never want to leave her;
I have thick curly hair and she does such a good job...
So it's good but wow, I always miss Mr. Husband when we are apart.
I am going this coming week in part because it was the only time
that would fit in my schedule, really.
And I have things that I need to do there.
Meanwhile I am doing the restore workshop and
am really appreciating it.
I have come to some realizations about
ways I need to take better care of myself
and have been making steps towards
this.  It's exciting but hard to change habits
but it is quite possible....
I don't know how much if any posting I will do next week during
what we call Clean Week due to travel
and it being a week with lots of Church Services.
So if you don't see posts here next week, don't worry!
Blessed Beginnings to everyone for Great Lent!


Nancy said...

Safe travels and enjoy the visit.

elizabeth said...

thanks Nancy... it will be nice to be back... I just hope the travel will be OK... since it is winter! and I am going back via Montreal as it saved 100$$$ ... I hope you are feeling better!!!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Every blessing for next week - may your travels be smooth and safe, and your visit enjoyable and blessed.

Lisa said...

The cold everywhere in the East is just awful, but I can be grateful we're not as cold as Ottawa. Still, I heard this morning Kentucky was twenty something below.

Nancy said...

Recovery is slow, so I'm just continuing to take it easy.

Nicole said...

Have a good trip to Ottawa! Your brunch looks yummy :)