Thursday, February 12, 2015

Goat Cheese and Cream Casserole with chicken, potato and portobello mushroom

As I shared on FB:

 I think I made my first casserole (my own recipe) that is very good. 
Here's what I did: 
fried sliced potatoes in one pan with extra virgin olive (E. V. O.) oil, 
on sale portobello mushrooms sliced and chopped in other pan with E.V.O. oil, 
garlic minced and put in with one of them (I think the mushrooms). 
I added some salt and pepper (fresh ground) in both. 
When done I took two goat cheese 'circles' (the small pods as it were) and crumbled them, placing them on top of potatoes. 
I had cut up a medium size onion 
(in half moon and then in small slices that I separated into half moon slivers)
 caramelized in E.V. O. oil with minced garlic (I used about 3 cloves total).
 The onion was placed on top of the goat cheese. 
I had container of thawed roast chicken from an earlier dinner. 
I put some of the chicken over the onion, 
and then mushrooms on this, the rest of the chicken, 
possibly more onions and then more mushrooms and 
white cheddar cheese shredded on top, putting about 2 tbs of fresh cream 
over the whole casserole before shredding the cheese. 
My beloved husband was on his way home in a 5 minute cab ride by this point
 and dinner needed to be done quickly; 
I heated it all up 
(as everything by this time other than cheese and cream was cooked)
 in the microwave for about 3 minutes, 
put it on the table, put a big pot cover and towels over it to keep it warm. 
It was just lovely; the goat cheese, the oil and flavours melded really well. 

I just had it again for lunch, heated up in the microwave and can officially say, I've made my first ever really good casserole of my own devising!

It made a lovey dinner for the last week 
we eat meat before Great Lent begins in less
than two weeks 
(so quickly this year!)

I have figured out that I love salads with 
raw slivered almonds and cranraisens
with oil and balsamic vinegar. 
I guess I will name this casserole this way...
Goat Cheese and Cream Casserole with chicken, potato and portobello mushroom...


Reinventing Mother said...

Good morning! Where would I find you on Facebook?

elizabeth said...

Morning Wanda: I will email you this morning if at all possible about this. :) love Elizabeth

Amanda Sexton said...

The casserole looks delish!

Lisa said...

It sounds very tasty.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Oh yum!!

karen said...

looks really really good :)