Thursday, February 05, 2015

A Simple Meal for the Weekend

When making a simple spaghetti from a jar,
sauteing onions, garlic and celery,
with adding some ground thyme and oregano, 
makes it more flavourful.

Organic sauce and meat that I did not realize we had in our

Topped with white cheddar cheese and
resting on rice vermicelli. 
It was a lovely meal for this past weekend.
It was St. Athanasius' day so I used our blue willow.


Victoria said...

you always set such a lovely table!

Lisa said...

It sounds like you sort of whipped it up at the moment, and those are often such nice meals. It looks good!

T.J. said...

don't you love it when you find hidden treasures in the freezer??!! This looks wonderful :)