Sunday, May 10, 2009


The other day I decided, with it being Spring
my Cleo Cat shedding
a lot,
that a serious brushing was needed.
Here is Cleo looking at the result. She looks thinner,
now that all the excess hair is gone.
So funny...

Yes. That is a lot of hair and she is still a huge fluff ball!

Here she is today, relaxing on my old beloved
gold chair.
This chair was my Dad's when I was young.
We played spaceship, sitting backwards,
with the navy blue bottons.

As I live alone,
Cleo is a huge comfort to me.
She makes me laugh
needs my affection and
is a living presence in my small home.

I am grateful to God for her.


E Helena E said...

Wow...You could knit a Cleo sweater!

elizabeth said...

Hee Hee... yep. Except that I don't knit... :) And a have a feeling that she would object to me putting any sort of sweater on her... :)

Pres. Kathy said...

I just can't believe all that hair!! Have a blessed week!

Emily H. said...

Are you sure that's not just another cat?! Wow, that's a lot of fur!

elizabeth said...

LOL. yep. that is a lot of fur! I am sure it is all from her... :)

Philippa said...

Good for you to give her such a good brushing...or else all that fur would end up on a nice pair of black pants and matching sweater!!! LOL!

elizabeth said...

yeah... though you know, she still SHEDS like CRAZY. sigh. I do love her though and she knows it!!

Cleo used to be my friend's cat and I still remember when one of our clergy friends visted and sat on her chair. Yeah. Not black cassock friendly!!!! :)

margi said...

That's just extra fur??? It looks like an extra cat! Miss Darcy and Miss Tilney are very impressed indeed and are probably planning to put extra effort into shedding in the future.

elizabeth said...

Hi Margi - welcome - lovely cat names! I have added you to my blog role and look forward to getting to know you and your cats, perhaps!

Yes. Cleo has a LOT of hair. She is a non-purebred long-haired himalayan , from what I've been told... it explains the hair!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my !

1/ Cleo is utterly gorgeous. Please give her a hug from me :-)

2/Save all that glorious shed fur; someone could spin that into wool, I'm sure !
Imagine the amazing sweater you could end up with.......

elizabeth said...

thanks Elizabeth! :)

I live in a lovely 1 bedroom apartment... so... I can't save Cleo's hair...

You are right though... she is very beautiful and her fur would make a lovely light coloured blanket!

Mimi said...

I thought the same thing - you clearly need to learn how to knit.

elizabeth said...

thanks Mimi! :) well... my Oma knitted for most of her life... but... I think I will pass on that one... :)