Friday, May 22, 2009

Icons Blessing My Small Home

St. Boris and St. Gleb
When I saw this icon for sale,
by a Mother and Sister of the Convent of St. Elisabeth in Minsk
who were fundraising for their work,
I was drawn to it.
I asked my spiritual father who they were,
as I had not seen their icon before.
He explained that they were Passion Bearers.
I asked what this means,
and he said, ones who bear sorrow in a godly way.
Godly sorrow.
I knew I needed them, to help me when I was sad.
The icon first went to some friends who I felt needed them first.
I have had the icon back, since January of this year.
It did not have a way to be hung,
so I had to go to the hardware store before I could put it up.
On Tuesday I hung this Icon up for the first time.

Rublev's Trinity.
The centre of this part of my Icon Corner.
A few months back, during a sleepless night,
I sat on my floor and just looked at this Icon,
with the lampada lit.
I was consoled, comforted and at last, able to sleep again.
The lampada was a gift from a friend,
a few years ago.
It is one of most beautiful things I have.
Lighting candles for and in prayer
is an abiding sign and experience of hope.

My special small Icon of the Theotokos.
I bought this Icon when I first went to
Holy Dormition Monastery
The first Sunday after my chrismation.
This Icon has been with me for almost 5 years now.
It is the centre of my Icon shelf,
And is the one candle that I light day and night in
my icon corner.


mamajuliana said...


E Helena E said...

I love it when you write about your icons and show them also.

elizabeth said...

thank you M-J!

and thanks E-H. it always means a lot that you like my writing!

Pres. Kathy said...

Beautiful - thanks for sharing!

elizabeth said...

thank you Pres. Kathy! and You're welcome...