Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beauty in the place that I live

A walk with a friend. This is the canal near where I live.

The castle like building you see is the Chateau Laurier,

currently owned by Fairmont Hotels.

It is very beautiful,

nearly worthy of Agatha Christie's At Bertram's Hotel,

one of my favourites of Christie.

I love the descriptions of a more Edwardian time;

It is one of my favourite novels.

I love the discussion Christie was having about time periods,

what was gained and what was lost.

I still love the old things –

Linen napkins, quality dishes, gardens and beautiful things.

This picture does not capture the beauty,

the globes of light on the water,

the architecture.

Beneath the bridge, where I took the other pictures.

Do you see the Canadian Flag, flying on top of the clock tower?

As I grew up in the States,

seeing the Canadian Flag still is a wonder to me.

Learning another culture takes a long time.

It is challenging as the main message I have so far,

about Canada, is that there is no cohesive national identity.

However, I have much to learn and research about Canada,

before I will have a conclusion of my own.

I have lived 5 years plus in British Columbia, on the West Coast,

and 1.4 years in Southwest Ontario and 3 plus years in Ottawa,

which is in Eastern Ontario.

I can say I love living here. I can't say that I know the national anthem though.

I am thankful that I am here.


The Bosom Serpent said...

Excellent photos. You are fortunate to live in such a beautiful place. Good to see our Lord answering prayers and providing at least temporary employment.

elizabeth said...

thank you Nov. for liking my photos - coming from you, this means a lot!

Yes... I am waiting to get the "for sure sign on the dotted line" about the contract, but it should work out...

Michelle M. said...

That looks beautiful. Glad you are able to enjoy where you live.

elizabeth said...

thank you Michelle!

Michael Hermann said...

Hi Elizabeth
Haven't checked your blog in a little while. Glad your okay after the bus being hit. Shakey isn't it! Hope you sign on the dotted line soon.

I am very fortunate to be working at the Quilt of Belonging. It's message, "a place for all" is I believe a value that represents Canada. If you have a few minutes try www.quiltofbelonging.ca

It is a blessing to be working for the Director who prays each day and tries to discern God's will for her and this work every day.